4.2 Download the assignment Rmd file

The assignment file will be available to you for download from Canvas under the “Assignments” section. The file is actually an R Markdown file, and therefore has an “Rmd” extension. It is simply a text document (meaning it contains only text), but the syntax used therein is “markdown” syntax, and the file extension (Rmd) specifies it as an R Markdown file. You might recall reading about Markdown in the Biology Procedures and Guidelines document.

Make sure you save the Rmd file into your root “BIOL202_assignments” directory, or alternatively into the appropriate sub-directory.

A small assignment has been set up on Canvas, with the aim of you getting use to the assignment procedure. It is located under “Lab_materials” module. Download the file, and make sure it’s saved into your root directory (where your RStudio project is).