3.8 Create an RStudio Project

It is best to organize all your R work using RStudio “projects”. For your tutorial work, for example, you will create a new project that will be housed in your “BIOL202_tutorials” directory

To do this, open RStudio then select File > New Project. Then select the option to use an existing directory, and locate and select your tutorial directory. Provide a name for your project file, such as “BIOL202_tutorial”, then select OK. If it asks to open a new RStudio session, you can say yes.

RStudio has now created an RStudio project file that has an “Rproj” extension at the end of the name. This “Rproj” file is the file that you will open (double-click with the mouse) each time you wish to work on your tutorial material. You should see the “Rproj” file in the bottom right files panel of RStudio.