4.5 Data directory readme

Next, we want to create another readme file, but this file will be placed within the subfolder that contains our project's data. To do this, open any markdown or text editor (e.g. VS Code, Typora, notepad etc.), open a new file and save it to the data subfolder for your project, ensuring the file type is .md. Name your readme file _README.md.

The purpose of this readme file is to provide a description of data collection methods. We will include:

  • Date when the data directory was created and who created it
  • Date when the readme file was updated and who updated it
  • A brief description of each data that was collected, the methods used for collection, and the date range for when each dataset was collected
  • A description of who was involved in data collection
  • A brief description of where the data was collected

To see an example data directory readme file click here.