Right Pane

Under each menu option (i.e. Plot), the right pane displays three sections: Instructions; Output; Source Code


This green box shows detailed instructions for how to use that specific page. For example, under the Plot menu option, there are detailed instructions for how to create, visualize, and save your plot.


This blue box shows the output that the Shiny App creates based on your selections. For example, under the Plot menu option, this box will show the plot you created.

Source Code

This orange box shows the script used by R to generate the output. If there are any packages that need to be loaded in order to run the script, they are shown within the library() function at the beginning of the script. You don't need to worry about doing anything with this part for now. Rather, the script is included to enhance the transparency and computational reproducibility of your analysis. For example, since you know the script used to create your plots, calculate descriptive statistics, and perform statistical analysis; if you or someone else wanted to reproduce your methods, they could load your data, copy this script into R, and re-run everything exactly as shown in the Shiny App. You’ll learn R coding in the tutorials for BIOL202.