Phase 1 – "Observe" your cylinder

Outside of opening the container, you have the option to hold it, shake it etc. What types of observations would you like to make? During this activity, you and your group will be able to interact with the cylinder. Think about the question you are addressing and how you would go about answering it.

Work in groups to come up with three suggestions of ways you can manipulate your cylinders to try and determine what is inside. Remember that not all of your initial ideas will be plausible - you don't always have all the ideal tools available to you. You do not have an X-ray machine in the lab 😊. Offer three possible tests that could likely be done in lab.

Designate one person in your group to write down all observations and information you attain during your experiment. Following this, you and your group now must try to reach a consensus about what is inside the interior of each cylinder.

If you do not take extensive notes throughout the experimentation process - electronically or on paper - you will not have the information that you need to complete this assignment.