At the end of this lab students should be able to:

  • List the main components involved in the "process of science"
  • Provide examples of scientific activities and / or list where these activities would generally fit in the "process of science" chart.
  • Explain - in your own words or through examples - what is meant by each of the following statements regarding the process of science:
    • The process of science involves testing ideas with data
    • Though they can be supported by evidence, it is often difficult for scientific hypotheses to be proven or directly observed
    • Scientific knowledge is subject to change as new evidence and perspectives emerge
    • The process of science is often non-linear
    • The process of science involves observation, exploration, discovery, testing, communication, and application
    • Scientists can use multiple methods - experiments, observations, models - to test their ideas
    • Science involves curiosity and creativity
    • Scientists work together to share their ideas
    • Scientists aim for their studies to be replicable
    • Over time, scientific ideas or hypotheses that are supported by multiple methods and replicated in various studies become established theories that are widely accepted by the scientific community