Welcome to the BIOL116 lab manual!

The material in this manual is designed to be used as part of the BIOL116 labs. It integrates heavily with additional material that can be accessed only through the BIOL116 Canvas page, including assignments, quizzes, and other material that is specific to this year's offering of the course. As such you will be expected to access BOTH this website and Canvas regularly.

Your first lab, Lab 1, is online and requires you to be in your zoom rooms during your regular scheduled times. Your second lab, Lab 2, will be your first chance to physically enter the lab, and meet your TA and your fellow lab mates. The material for Lab 2 can be found in this text, under the Lab 2A and Lab2B headings (with links to this content also on Canvas).

The rest of the labs will continue alternating between online and on campus. For all labs you must attend during your regular scheduled lab times regardless of whether its online or on campus. For in-person labs it is vital that you attend the lab in which you are registered (Check your registration online to be sure of where you are supposed to be!).

There's much more information about what to expect from labs, the grading policies, and the weekly schedule in the Canvas shell for BIOL 116 labs. For now, we will say that we're looking forward to the start of term, and to meeting you (both virtually and in-person). Science is amazing and exciting and cool, and we can't wait to share our love of science and biology with you!