Scientific Drawing Rubric

Total /18

Criteria Pts
- No title present
- Caption includes multiple sentences
- Caption thoroughly described what the structure is
- Appropriate number of fine lines drawn
- Dotted lines used to show depth
- No shading on the drawing
- Labels are organized in a column on one side of the drawing
- Labels are found on the right side of the drawing
- Label lines are straight
- Label lines do not intersect with anything
Organisms and Structures
- Drawing is oriented such that the anterior or oral aspect of organism is at the top of the page
- Any structures removed or displaced have been indicated on this drawing
- Genus and species are Italicized
- Genus is capitalized
- Specific epithet should be all lower case
- No circle is drawn around the organism
- The scale (or magnification) of the drawing is at the bottom right of the drawing
- Scale/magnification determination is accurate