See Canvas for assignment due dates.

You will need to submit 3 files for this assignment:

  • Updated Protocol as .Rmd
  • Updated Protocol as .pdf
  • Data dictionary as .md

Following a week after you submit your Registered Report Draft you will have received the edits from your TA. You can decide to resubmit the report without making any changes or you will have the opportunity to review the edits from your TA and make the needed changes in order to increase your mark. If you have any questions regarding your mark and/or the comments from your TA please ensure you take the opportunity to chat with your TA and go over these. This will ensure that you are in the best position to attain the highest marks possible for this assignment.

At this stage as well, you have started your data collection. Between your protocol and active data collecting, you should have what you need to be able write a data dictionary. Need a refresher on writing a data dictionary? Review chapter 4.6 of the Procedures and Guidelines.