Assignment 3: Rubric

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Criteria Points
- Brief, no more than 500 words
- Clearly outlines the question/problem
- Clearly describes how the question/problem will be addressed
- Relevant background information provided
- Clearly articulates how the background information is connected to the current project idea
- Well written and easy to follow
- Flows from more general and broad background information and narrows towards the focus of this proposed project
- Hypothesis/question(s) posed are clearly stated towards the end of this section
- No factual errors are present
- Information regarding feeding and habitat needs of organism provided
- significance of using this particular organism to study has been provided
- information regarding specific problem being addressed, both current and historical, have been provided
- students show a solid understanding of the organism, its habitat and its impact within its environment
Significance of Project
- Significance of the problem is clearly and convincingly stated
- Experimental design has been described in a way that elicits confidence in study
- Background information was used well in order to show the importance of this project
Experimental Design
- No bullet points
- The experimental design is specific and addresses the question/problem
- Enough information is provided that experiment can be replicated
- There is an appropriate control where applicable
- Both independent and dependent variables are clearly defined
- Statistical analysis to be used has been clearly outlined and is appropriate for type of data being collected
Spelling & Grammar
- No spelling errors
- No grammar errors
- No awkward sentence structures
References & in-text citations
- APA format used properly and consistently
- Minimum of 3 primary source papers used in the proposal
- In-text citations are used when required
- Citations and references match up
Plagiarism & Quotations
- No plagiarism of any kind has been found
- No quotations present
- Information attained from outside resources are properly cited
Open Science & Format
- 5 pages double spaced, font 12, Times New Roman (not including references)
- Screen shot of directory structure has been uploaded and directory follows good practices
- Registered report submitted as Rmd and pdf version
- YAML is provided at the top of the template
- All data collection dates included and a description of what data will be collected and how this will be done
- All non-data collection dates included with details of what will be done on those days
- start and end of dates are provided