Overview: Lab 3

During this lab, you will…

  1. Run your first trial and collect data (this was set up in Lab 1)
  2. Prepare your set up for your second trial

Collecting data

You will need to set up your data recording tool - you sketched this out in your protocol and now you'll need to implement it. Keep in mind that at some point you'll need to submit your data as a .csv file. How you record your data now might save you time later on.

When collecting data be sure to take notes on any and all observations. These will be very important in helping you interpret your data later on. Take your time when recording and organizing your data.

Preparing for the next trial

Once you have finished collecting your data you will need to set up your experiment again in order to collect a second round of data during your next synchronous week.

If you are wanting to increase your sample size and thus are doing more trials ensure that you follow the same process as the previous synchronous week. Alternatively, you may be setting up to ask an alternative question. In this case, be sure you have your TA take a look and approve the design / modifications before you leave your lab today.