Assignment: Lab 3

Writing a report can be extremely daunting and confusing especially if you have not written many of them. Many students struggle to know what information goes in what part of a report and in particular what should be included in a results section and what should not.

In order to help you better understand how to write a results section you are asked to edit the results section of the following document:

This results example section contains at least 10 errors. Using the rubric for writing a good results section - found on Canvas, in Lab 5, and pasted below - and the information provided, you must edit this results section by clearly identifying and explaining each error. Take your time as some of them may not jump out at you immediately.

Though there may be more than one type of error each error only counts as one. For example, if you see that multiple graphs are missing a figure caption that still counts as one error, the error being no caption provided.

Regardless of the fact that you are working in partners for your experimental project this assignment is an individual assignment.

If you decide to work together please be cautious as plagiarism is a serious issue that comes up when students work together and as per your academic misconduct unit from last term has serious academic consequences.

Criteria Description
Results Includes graphs / figures. No raw data is provided outside of supplemental. Clearly outlines the findings from the study. Flow is sensible with figures present immediately following paragraphs describing the results of figure.
Figures Are present. Figure selected is best for this type of data. All axes are labelled with units present where applicable and legends found. All figure present have been discussed in write up. Only averages are being shown. Appropriate statistical measures are present. Figures are clear and easy to interpret. No figures present without being discussed.