Labs will be alternating between on-campus and online, with online labs being conducted in Zoom during your regular scheduled lab section. In order to be successful this term please pay attention to your syllabus where you can find your schedule, mark breakdown, missed lab policy, and all lab requirements for your BIOL125 lab. You will need the information found in this syllabus to be able to answer the Introductory Quiz on canvas. Students will not be excused of any missed or late assignments due to being "unaware" of these policies so be sure you reference this information often.

In your first lab you will have the opportunity to meet your TA and the other students registered in your lab section. There will be some accompanying materials in Canvas. This week will be a very important week as you will have your partner assigned to you and will be setting up for an experiment. For in-person labs, it is vital that you attend the lab for which you are registered - check your registration online to be sure of where you are supposed to be!

During the synchronous labs you may bring a lab coat but this is not required. Closed toed shoes and pants are required for this lab and your TA will turn you away if you are not in proper attire. Any goggles and gloves will be provided in lab.