Finding property

In order to start their search Farmer Elliot has enlisted the help of a real-estate company - "llamaste Realty". Their real-estate company has shown them three properties thus far.

Property 1

Property 1.

This property has 19-acres of flat usable land and is situated next to the base of a large mountain. This land comes with fully automated irrigation and a small one-bedroom home. Though this land is start up ready, Farmer Elliot is concerned that the property may not have enough hours of sunlight due to its proximity to the base of the mountain.

In order to help determine if this is a viable option for their mung bean farm, Farmer Elliot will need to know how many hours of sunlight is required for optimum mung bean germination and growth.

Property 2

Property 2.

This property is 21 acres large with 3 acres designated to residential space and the remaining land is usable agricultural acreage. Running parallel to the longest section of this property is a small alkaline lake. Farmer Elliot has been informed that the adjacent alkali lake has, on average, a salinity concentration ranging from 0-5%.

Not knowing if salinity has an impact on germination and growth of munch beans Farmer Elliot is not sure if this is the best property for their endeavor.

Property 3

Property 3.

This property is located at a much higher elevation than the other properties and located in a very different biogeoclimatic zone than what Farmer Elliot is familiar with and the differences in mineral content and soil texture in this area results in soil pH levels ranging between 6.2-7.2. It comes with a 2-bedroom home and 20 acres of usable ready to grow acreage.

This property appears ideal but Farmer Elliot is unsure if this pH range is tolerable for mung bean germination and growth.