Research Data Management

How we organize and store our research data - Research Data Management or RDM for short - is a critical component of reproducibility and transparency in the sciences.

In BIOL116, you were introduced to best practices in file naming. You may wish to review that content here. In this lab, you'll be looking at best practices in directory structure management; that is, how we organize our individual files. Just like with file naming conventions, it is extremely important that our files are organized in a way that logically reflects the structure of our project and can be easily navigated with computation tools, allowing for, at a minimum, computational reproducibility. There is also an increased need to provide documentation that describes the chosen structure; in fact, the more complex a project becomes, the more this documentation is important.

So, before proceeding, review the content in the Procedures and Guidelines Document under Directories and Directory Structures.

After reviewing this content complete the short quiz on Canvas