Assignment: Lab 3

Download a copy of the assignment Lab_3_RShiny_Assignment_2.

Use the RShiny App to complete your assignment.

You may wish to refer back to the section on Preparing your data from BIOL 116 and the chapter Tidy Data in the Procedures and Guidelines document.

Upload your completed assignment to Canvas

Using R Scripts as an Alternative to RShiny

If you are feeling ambitious and would like to try making plots, calculating descriptive statistics, and performing analyses using R instead of the RShiny App, some R scripts are provided in the Optional Deeper Dive here in the BIOL 116 Lab manual for your use. These scripts align with the code used to produce figures, stats, and analyses in the RShiny App. However, by using these R Scripts you can edit code to customize the outputs (ie. change the fill colour on your figure etc.).

Keep in mind that there will be no additional support through TA’s or instructors should you choose to use these scripts.