Animal Systems I: Part One

Last updated 2022-09-01

Overview of the Week

The breakdown for this week's lab;

  1. You will be joining your lab mates and TA during your regular scheduled time but online
  2. Your TA will go through a PowerPoint presentation online
  3. You will be given time to review all material provided on Canvas
  4. You must complete all quizzes for this week's lab provided on Canvas
  5. Your Recommendation Report Draft is due this week.

See Canvas for assignment due dates.

Before lab you will need to read through the information outlined below in Animal Systems Information for three phyla: Annelida, Mollusca and Arthropoda.

In this lab, you will be working your way through the material posted on Canvas online but during your scheduled lab time. Your TA will spend time going over a quick PowerPoint presentation regarding these animals. You will then need to spend a fair bit of time going through the different videos, images, and written material provided to ensure you have a solid grasp of these animals before coming to campus next week for your synchronous week. You must complete all quizzes associated with the animals found in animal systems I before 11:59 pm on July 20th. Even though you will be getting together this week there is no reason you can’t start reviewing all this information ahead of time so that you are better prepared to get through the material during your lab section.